When sun goes down

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© NF Photo 150701, Knutstorp 

© NF PhotoArt 150701, Knutstorp 

The first image shows Common Cranes in the setting sunlight.

The next image is probably mallards turned red in the setting suns  red light. I was surprised by this image as I was not expecting them to be so much red. But this is what the camera gave me.

The other two images if the shallow lake where I was. 3rd image is a SOOC image and the last one is manipulated. Hopefully considered as art :)

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  1. Beautiful! I like all four photos very much!

  2. Beautiful scenes and images. The lighting is pretty.

  3. I need to go find my crane book ... I don't remember a Common Crane. I do love all of the cranes. They are endangered, some more than other, but their habitat is being decimated by farming and suberban growth. All the pictures are great, Monica, including your artistic version of the lake. Nicely done, as always ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. The camera ( and your talent) definitely gave us art! Especially in that flight shot!

  5. Unas maravillosas imágenes...estupendas..te mando un saludo desde Murcia....

  6. Stunning lighting capturred in these images

  7. Bonitas fotos y magnífico blog, me ha gustado mucho. Ya tienes un nuevo seguidor desde España.

  8. my favorite is the soaring birds...nice series♪

  9. Beautiful water views. And all those wings in flight are stunning.

  10. The photo of the flock of birds in flight is so eye-catching with the flash of color on many of their wings.
    Nice series.
    I hope to see you at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/08/bennett-place-bit-of-history.html, and please join us each week for Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday)!


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