Commenting problems

I have noticed that many people have to try several times in order to comment the last week. So have I on other blogs. I don´t know why but hopefully it will corrected soon. 

 I have tried to delete unneeded stuff on the blogs but it does not seem to help   Please don´t give up!

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  1. I have had this commenting problem before. On a laptop I could not comment. When I changed to my iPAD, I was able to comment. This was on other people's blogs, not yours :). I hope things get fixed for you soon.

  2. I had not problems, use a oldfashioned desktop, Win 8 , Firefox.
    Ony one site is often not working for me, but that isn't yousr.
    Hope it dissolves by itself.
    Have a nice weekend :-)

  3. I can only comment on blogs with your kind of comment form on my iPad. Not on my PC. I thought it was my problem, something wrong with my settings.

  4. probably Google/Blogger that has done something. I can´t change the settings as I get a lot of spam ir I do


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