Snowy trees

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Snowy trees 
© NF Photo 141106

Yea, I know, we don´t want more snow, but I did not post these yet and I like them. It was the first snow in November and now it all melted. The forest is green again and birds coming back.

NF Trees n Bushes

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  1. such beauty present in a new snow, but glad for you that things are green now. think we were all ready for spring

  2. Vakkert, men jeg foretrekker denne årstiden :)
    Ha en flott dag.


  3. It doesn't seem to matter when or where, the trees are always beautiful and they are lucky to have you to capture their beauty and share it. These are delightful pictures, Monica and they reminds me of why I do love the snow even though I am not missing it at the moment :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Det är så vackert när allt är täckt av nyfallen snö.

  5. I have almost forgot how beautiful the trees are in snow.
    These photos are lovely.

  6. Now that we in Oklahoma are safely past snow, I like these images.


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