Waterfowl in snowfall

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Water fowl in snowfall
© NF Photo150224 ,   © NF PhotoArt 150224
I was working in PS CS5 but don´t remember everything I did.

Birding in snowfall today. Other images from the Mandarin duck, the one who flap the wings, can be seen on my birdblog HERE

NF DAM with Abstract

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  1. That looks really adorable from !
    ♥ly greetings from germamy

  2. When I read that you couldn't remember anything you did, I thought that sounded very familiar to my thinking when I finish editing. ;) Your final edit has an interesting texture.

  3. This is a delightful picture (Christmas Card worthy) and I chuckled when you said you couldn't remember what you had done ... join the crowd, Monica! I have an excuse, I'm old ... and yours is that you have much on your mind. It all works ... you won't forget what is important and that is what counts. Have a wonderful and safe trip ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. I love anything that has swans in it.....I rarely remember my editing steps too.....though for this week I did since it was only a few steps!!!

  5. Lovely waterfowl image.

  6. Serene-but with a touch of the artist shining through♪

  7. This art piece gives me a wonderful feeling. The warm colors, the texture, the birds enjoying peace. Love it!


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