Reflections in glass

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Reflections in glass
© NF Photo 150202

This was actually a bit confusing. I saw there glasses in a supermarket and thought they had a nice design. But it turned out that the "negative film looking" design was a reflection from the shelf on which they stand. But I still like it. And, you can see me in there too.

Talk about feeling stupid.

Weekend Reflections
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  1. Boa tarde, a foto é criativa e bela, o fotografo foi captado, está dentro do copo.

  2. Very unusual glasses but I like them.

  3. Well that must take the prize for the number of 'selfies' in one shot! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. They look quite unusual. You are right I wouldn't have realised the design was a reflection if you hadn't mentioned it.

  5. Morsomt. Øyet lurer oss noen ganger, men det hadde vært stilig med en slik bunn :)
    ha en fin kveld.

  6. Lol ... aren't you glad you didn't buy them before you realized that the design (and I agree it is attractive) was a reflection. I can see most of you, but not your face ... pretty sneaky faceless selfie times 10+. ... or maybe my eyesight is just bad and your face is really there. Such fun you are, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  7. I would have thought the reflections were a design in the glasses too!
    Such a fabulous shot...and yes, I see you in there...but didn't until you mentioned it! lol

  8. Lovely little reflections


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