Zooming experiment

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© NF Photo 141003   

This is a photographic experiment. I was zooming in with my telezoom as I took the shot. I got a few rather cool images and lots of  crap ones :)

NF Blo-Ma 125

P52 SST   Floral Friday Fotos
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  1. The movement in the top one is almost hypnotic...pulls me into the picture until I am part of it's journey!
    Absolutely amazing!! :)

  2. loved both images! the power of movement and energy in the first one and the stillness in the next..very nice :-)

  3. Spännande bild! Kunde då rakt inte gissa vad den föreställde förrän jag såg den andra bilden. :-)

  4. The trick is knowing what to keep and what to delete. You've mastered that!

  5. Ibland är det skoj att experimentera. Skulle passa bra som bakgrund till en dubbelexponering.
    Ha det gott
    Kram Meta

  6. That is a really cool image, I agree!
    Many thanks for your participation in Floral Friday Fotos!


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