Crown flower- Calotropis gigantea

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Crown flower - Calotropis gigantea
©   NF Photo 130830, Honolulu Zoo
This is a flower I´ve seen a few times, twice I think, on blogs and loved it. When I run into it in Honolulu Zoo I was happy. Sadly it was almost overbloomed and not much to photograph.
 I was trying to find seeds of it but it is a bush not suitable for my balcony or the climate where I live. Well, at least I have seen it. And got these shots. :)

NF Blo-Ma 83

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  1. It is such an unusual flower. I love it! Great photos!

  2. Riktigt trivsam även som överblommad.

  3. Really beautiful shots, particularly the first one!!

  4. Vackert och vilken mild fin färg på din blomma!

  5. I think that it is still pretty. The older I get the more I admire fading flowers (I suppose there is a deep dark reason for that!)

  6. That is one nice flower. I like how the petals curl back.

  7. This is not a plant I am familiar with, what a lovely colour.

  8. How very gorgeous!

  9. I'm trying to grow tropical plants in my frozen desert, and it can be very frustrating. So your gorgeous flowers are a very welcome sight, even though you had to leave them there.


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