The reason why....

The reason why....

...I never will be recognised as a great Photographer.
I have an account on 1x.com. If it is still valid. I don´t know. It is a place for photographers and they want to be the leading place for great photography. Nothing wrong with that. They judge every shot you upload and, from what I read long ago, about 17 images are rejected before you have one accepted to a place in their gallery. I think you can have your own gallery as well. Payed for of course.
Well, that was not the issue here. But he photos. They are all sooo perfect. But at the same time boring. I happened to find a book from them where they selected images and the story is told about them. It is because of the book I´m writing this. "Fotografernas bästa bilder" på PAGINA
Here goes:
The story is pretty much the same for all chosen shots. With a few exceptions.
The photographer has planned the image in question for several weeks or months.
They use Internet sites for different purposes.
Maps: where to find great places.  They use GOOGLE Maps, GOOGLE Earth, YAHOO Maps, Bing Maps. They zoom in on images to find locations and features.
TPE (The photographers Ephemeris) seem to tell them all about the universe and the locations of sun and moon and the Milky Way. It seem like they can judge from which direction light is coming and at whar time. But I guess it can´t tell them if it is raining.
They walk through rain forest, deserts and climbing snowy, icy mountains. All the time carrying the equipment. All but one set up the tripod first of all. Using remote control or what ever to release the shutter avoiding camera to shake. Most of them using the very best of cameras and lenses. You get the picture. They shoot RAW of course and with different settings.
Now you think that when coming home they should be very pleased, sitting down and just enjoy the show. But no!
Now it is time for some serious photoshopping. First in RAW programs. Then using different soft wares and filters and, well, whatever, to alter the image to their liking.
As I said in the beginning. The chosen pictures are remarkable, perfect. And sometimes boring to death. They look like they are being washed several times and then scrubbed and polished. And all water streams is transformed into silk. Not one with frozen water drops.
I could never work like that. What I do is called "On the go" photography I have heard. I never use a tripod. Don´t even have one. And, of course, in the book is not one image with a bird in it. :) But maybe there are more books.
Do I dare putting a shot in this post? Haven´t decided yet. I think I´ll leave it as it is.

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