Teen drawings

Större bild? Klicka på den! - Click to enlarge!
I seem to make this one 1968. At that time I was pregnant. Sailing into the future??
A sketch I made when I was 14, 1959
   NF Photo 130705

Some day I´ll use them to make some digital art. :)
I am posting some more on my blog Bildverkstan they are by me and some of my family.  Teckning

Weekend in Black and White 
NF Memes 
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  1. Tjusiga! Tänk så roligt att du sparat dom!

  2. Jøss, 14 år da du laget disse. Talentfull!
    Inspirert av pappa'n til Pippis båt?
    Utmerket i B&W!

  3. Seems you were a daydreaming seafarer in your younger years. I like these alot. The first one reminds me of my father's hand when he would draw.

  4. I like them both, but especially the second one. It is soft and simply lovely:)

  5. Snyggt vilken duktig tecknare du är. Jag får passa på att gratulera till att ha blivit uttagen förra veckan. Den bilden satt där den skulle. Den var helt klart veckans bästa enligt mitt tycke.

  6. Hvilken fin strek du hadde allerede som 14 åring! Herlige skisser!
    Ha en riktig fin helg:)

  7. They are very free and expressive. And most 14 year olds don't have that sensitive line quality. They want to make perfect straight or curved lines all of the same thickness etc, don't you think?

  8. I like these. I was 14 in 1959, but I never had any talent like yours.


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