Second-hand art

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Second-hand art
  NF Photo 130726

This is a piece  of art I bought on a second-hand market a year ago. I meant to use it for digital art but never figured out how to shoot it. I had it on the floor in my bathroom as I suspected there might come some uninvited "guests" with it. Yesterday I moved some stuff in there and suddenly the piece was lit up by the sun. I had to remove some dust and give it a shower before I could take the shots I wanted. I meant to post the first one only, but then I remembered that people often asks what it is. So I added the second one too. There is no name on it but my guess is that it originates from the African continent some where.

I used one of my own background textures.

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  1. Wow....interesting pieces of art work, and you have managed to capture them in their glory!

  2. Kul att det blev så fint. Den är ju intressant och värd att visa...

  3. such an African feel to it and the light seems to make it come to life.

  4. The light does make it look so interesting!! I know what you mean about dragging stuff home in order to photograph it... Maybe too well...

  5. Dette ble jo second-hand art, bokstavelig talt! Perfekt tekstur du har brukt som bakgrunn!

  6. The art piece itself is extremely interesting, but your picture of it goes way beyond interesting ... the word gripping comes to mind. Don't you wish you could know the story behind the sculpture?

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  7. Flott kunstverk du har skaffet deg.
    Likte ovenfrabildet. Det fikk meg til å tenke på "faraostatuer".
    Ha en fin da.


  8. There's so much beauty in the solid nature of the object and the photo's backdrop. Loved them both. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  9. I really like the art - i would have wanted it too - but I also like what you did with it- the shapes and textures are beautiful and the whole image glows. Thank you for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday:)


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