Windy wild flower

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 Windy wild flower

Kråkvicker - tufted vetch, cow vetch
  NF Photo 130614

April weather today. Clouds, wind, rain, sun. Take your pick!

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  1. Ängarna är så fina just nu. Här har det nästan varit höststorm idag.

  2. Both images are incredible!!! Can't choose a favourite...

  3. I love the wind swept wildflowers.

  4. Oh how lovely to see them blowing in the breeze!

  5. I love how you catch the wind!

  6. Beautiful scenes, lovely flowers and I thank you so much for sharing once again with Today's Flowers.

    Would you be willing to share two or three of your favorite flower photos on our home page in our Guest Friend spot? If you are interested you can send them to me at luvinwildlife@hotmail.com, and if you could please put ‘TODAY’S FLOWERS’ in the subject line, this would prevent it from dropping into my spam folder. As friends send me their photos I add them to a list in the order received, and let them know when they will be shown.

    Thank you for considering this and absolutely no pressure, we are just very grateful that you share your flowers with us whenever you can.

    Wishing you a happy weekend,
    Today’s Flowers
    An English Girl Rambles

  7. Mycket snyggt fotat. Sverige är vackert på sommaren.

  8. Wild field flowers! It just can't get any more beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing! Thanks SO much!

  9. Wild flowers blowing in the wind make such a beautiful image ... and your second capture is absolutely lovely!! Visiting from Floral Love. :)


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