Palms? And changes to NF Memes

Större bild? Klicka på den! - Click to enlarge!
  NF Photo 121207 

At a  first glance I got the impression on this being coconut palms. But not outside a snowy door of a daycare center in Sweden. It is dry weed with snow on top of it. :)

Weekend in Black and White

You are welcome to NF Memes  There are some changes to them.
 NF Abstract  A new meme Opens next Wednesday
 NF Waters moves to Sundays.
 NF Inspiring Photography / Catching the light  has changed a little about the topic. Now we focus on light.

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  1. Thanks for running the memes which I will continue to participate in but only the weekday ones. I try to stay away from blogging at the weekend.

  2. They do like palms! Beautiful image.

  3. It really does look like a miniature coconut palm. It is so pretty with the icy crystals on the leaves. genie

  4. I thought snowy palm trees!!! Fun shot!

  5. What fun! It looks just like a group of palms!

  6. Hvilken forvandling det ble, med litt snø på!! Flott bilde!
    Da har jeg registrert dine nye alternative memes,- og vil prøve å bli flinkere i det nye året! Takk for arbeidet du legger i dette:)
    Ha en fin helg:)

  7. Está com neve? Adorável em p&b!
    Um abraço!
    Mirante da imagem

  8. Stilig med snø, blir litt mer stemning da :)


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