A sticky thing

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Silvermartorn - Eryngium giganteum - Silver_Ghost
  NF Photo   120911 

It´s quite nasty if you get too close but I have followed it this summer and it is gorgeous in all stages. The small  winged ones have to be careful. too.  :)

NF Blo-Ma 20
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  1. En riktigt häftig blomma och ett finfint kort :D

  2. Se men inte röra....
    Vacker är den med allt det stickiga!!

  3. En spännande växt. Ha det skönt i veckan.

  4. Nog är de stixiga blommorna fina, allt! Ifred får de väl också stå förutom för vissa fotografer, förstås!

  5. That plant has natural defenses! Don't want to brush against it. But it is such an attractive shape.

  6. I've played so much with this kind of fruits, when I was a child... In France, we call them Cardon or Carde...

    By the way, I saw the comment you let on the Defifoto blog... I shall tell you that it is not my personal blog, but a collective one, where all the authors publish a picture by month for a theme we choose all together every begining of the month... ;)

    My blog is this one :



  7. Beautiful and so sharp!


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