Grafitti Murals

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NF Photo 120201

Vi har inte så mycket i Katrineholm. Men lite finns det. Den här är i en gångtunnel. 
We don´t have much murals where I live, but a little is there. This is in a tunnel under the railway. 

Texture Thursday   Monday Murals
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  1. Jag vet inte vad man skall säga om sånt ;) ibland kan det vara snyggt .. men för det mesta är det bara fult :)
    Nu vill jag ha lite mer vårvärme igen :)

  2. nice shots. I always try too hard to get the whole thing into my picture and sometimes it is much better see fragments.

  3. Nice ones. So textural.

  4. Welcome to Monday Mural. So much of street art starts in tunnels and alleys. This may be the start of more. Really like the image in the second photo. Reminds me of studio art from the 60s. Thanks for participating in this week's Monday Mural.

  5. I think this is rather nice graffiti...the second one especially. It looks like a little baby carriage turned sideways. Love how you darkened some of the lines of the border, and the texture which looks like crumpled paper. They both turned out so well. Very creative approach to the subject material. genie

  6. Jeg må innrømme at jeg har en viss fascinasjon for å fotografere grafitti,- og jeg likte det øverste bildet veldig godt. Flott tekstur i bildet.

  7. great texture! great photos!

  8. Wonderful texture shots!!


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