Värre ändå - Even worse

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Den här bänken har blivit ännu värre än förra veckan. Försökte få grabben jag pratade med att sätta sig där men det ville han inte så speglingen på oss får duga.
This bench is even worse then last time I posted it. I asked the young man to sit on the bench for me but he did not want to be photographed. So, the reflection of us will have to do.

Nå, eftersom jag inte fick någon manlig modell tog jag fram Sindy från ryggsäcken, hon sa inte nej.  Och hon gör som jag vill. :)
Well, as I did not get a male model I took out Sindy from my backpack. She did not refuse. :)

NF Photo 120215

Weekend Reflection
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  1. Bilden av bänken är ju otroligt frostig och isig. Inte ofta det ser ut så där med istapparna över fönstret också.

    Gillar verkligen dockorna i snön!

  2. My daughter would have loved to do this with her Sindy when she was a little girl, fun shots, but oh so cold where you are.

  3. Such cute, colorful captures! Love the doll!! It does look cold!! Hope you have a great weekend! Stay warm!


  4. Can't say as I blame the young man...I don't think I'd want to sit on that icy bench either. Good thing you had a pocket model. Like that first big window shot.

  5. Great shots, amazing reflection!
    Thank you!

  6. Brrrr. Great reflection, and Sindy is cute!

  7. Looks so cold there - amazing icicles though. I don't blame the guy for not sitting down - he'd have wet trousers.

  8. The barbie served as a good model:)
    I wouldn't sit on that bench either, and my pants getting wet:)

  9. W O W ! that sure looks cold. A great snap. Hope you're managing to keep warm.

  10. "pocket model" what a great word. :)
    Thanks everyone.

  11. There is definitely a change in the looks of the bench this week....lots of snow. My, it must be cold. Sorry the fellow would not let you photography him. The shot still turned are great. genie

  12. Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes


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