Thinking of Irene

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 NF Photo 110818 downtown Katrineholm.
SOOC.  It is one shot, not tempered with. Except for the frame. :)

Following the news and hoping it will not do too much damage. For me it is the second time when people I know of is in the disaster area. I was lucky, My daughter came home yesterday before the hurricane started its devastating run for New York.
Hopefully, in the long run, from the wave will come a blossom.
Good luck to all, you will need it.

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  1. Wonderful flower. I hope all are safe.

  2. this is a beautiful photo. let's all stay safe---we have a storm here, too.

  3. Brilliant photo - or is it two combined? Matches your wonderful thoughts perfectly.

  4. My photo is not manipulated. I took it because I thought it looked fun. And it was the shot that gave me the words. :)

  5. Vackert. Tror aldrig jag sett någon annan stad dekorerad med så mycket blommor som runtikring centrum av Katrineholm. Staden sätter fortfarande en ära i att bada i blommor. De är ju kända för det. Det är t.ex. bara några meter mellan urnorna. De hänger t.om. upp blomarrangemang uppe på en massa stolpar, på kanten av järvägsbrom. o.s.v. Högt som lågt, ...... Jättemysigt.

  6. That's a beautiful shot. My sister in Manhattan said it wasn't too bad where she is. I hope your daughter is OK too. I've worried too living in North Carolina, my daughter in Baltimore, my sister in Manhattan and my other sister in Nantucket, MA but so far so good with my family.

  7. This is just beautiful!
    Thank you for your kind thoughts.
    It looks like we will be okay in this area of NY. The wind was not as bad as expected, but the flooding right now is very bad. We have one more round of rain coming, and then it should be over.

  8. Ha ha .. det var ett jätte kul foto :)
    Jätte bra fotat ..
    Ja hoppas det går bra med orkanen och som tur är så verkar det ha gått bättre än vad de trodde .. hoppas det fortsätter så

  9. Love the combination of feather and bud.

    We are fortunate - no loss of power, no flooded basement. Some of our neighbors lost power, and some are pumping out water. Hope it all dries out soon.

  10. Your post is very kind to those who were affected by Irene. Hurricanes are very scary propositions. We were inland, 25 miles out of DC. We got the rains and winds but it wasn't too bad and there was no loss of power. Always fear for those who are in its direct path though. Thank you for this lovely post, your photo is exquisite.

  11. Wow, that is beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great week :)

  12. What an incredible photo! Stunning!

  13. Ja, det är ju sorgligt att katastrofer kan drabba närstående vänner och bekanta. Men det är ju sällan som själva naturen är orsaken till dem, om man tänker tillbaka på vad/vem som är grundorsaken till dem. En stunds eftertanke hjälper nog föga. Bilden är iaf. stillsamt tillbakadragen.

  14. Nice shot! It is stunning by SOOC. It is impossibl for me.

  15. What a lovely shot-very nice. Thanks for the good thoughts--seems Mother Nature is wrecking havoc on all the world. Mickie :)


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