WW Vattenfall i Copal - Waterfall in Copal

Större bild? Klicka på den! - Click to enlarge!
NF Photo 110211 in Copal, Costa Rica

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  1. I love mossy waterfalls... lovely photograph.

  2. Lovely place and a great picture.

  3. So, so very pretty!!!!

    My Wednesday Link:

    Laguna Madre

  4. I had an opportunity once to visit this country. It was terrible weather and did not see sights like you shared. I was told it has some very pretty scenery there.

  5. What a cute little waterfall, lined all with moss!
    And I love the header photo, with the mist before the rising sun!

  6. Se där :) du har vattenfall .. det är mer än vad jag har här ..men det är på gång nu :)
    men imorgon får vi snö ..men sen blir det visst varmt och då kan jag kanske också få se detta :)
    Även om det nu inte var i Sverige du har fotat det förstås ..men man kan ju alltid blunda och låtas ;)

  7. thanks!

    jag vill inte ha mer snö nu. :(

  8. Jag kan ju tala om att jag tycker de myror kryper på mig när jag står och fotar dom ..men jag kan inte låta bli ändå ;)

  9. Gorgeous view! You've traveled a lot, but I'm not sure which nationality you are? (I am Dutch but have lived for 20+ years in Los Angeles)

  10. beautiful and serene picture could so spend a moment there please findme at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  11. So awesome that you were able to spend so much time there, in Paradise, while the weather back home was so cold! What a way to spend a vacation. I'll bet these photos make you wish you were back there whenever the storm clouds build!

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog - you seem to have a very large number of blogs yourself - hope this comment reaches you.

    Stewart M - Australia

  13. Härligt sceneri, flott bild !!

  14. Jeanette: Yes, I have done some travelling. You can see some of it on my travel blog. But I am Swedish. I live in the central part of Sweden about 100 miles south of Stockholm.

    Thanks for visiting. :)

  15. Mycket vackert foto. Vattenfall är oftast väldigt fina.


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