MF okänd blomma - unknown flower

Större bild? Klicka på den! - Click to enlarge!
NF Photo 110128 in Costa Rica

Macro Flower
Todays flowers
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  1. Egentligen behövs inget namn på en vacker blomma. Vi kan väl fantisera ihop något för oss själva, eller?

  2. That's a pretty flower, I always like pink.

    Thanks for the info, you rally have bigger pictures. Blogger doesn't re-size them just scales them down, but when you click on the you can see the original.
    If you want to show a bigger picture on your blog you have to change the size in the editor in html mode.
    It is easy, let me know if you want to do it and I'll explain it to you.

  3. I would like to use one of your pictures in the gallery but it is impossible for me to look for them. Your archive is cut down and you have no keywords either.
    Or is this a new blog?

  4. Sorry Footstep, I didn't realize at first that this is a new blog and I saw only posts from February in the archive. My mistake.
    Thanks for the link, your Picasa settings are on public so I could get in and see all your albums. Though I still don't know where to look for your entries in 12 blogs as the titles are very alike.
    I'll do that some other day.
    Thanks for trying to help.

  5. I think its bromeliad. Pretty!
    Happy weekend.


  6. Det spelar ingen roll vad det är för blomma . för den var ju jätte vacker och å spelar väl namnet inte så stor roll ;)
    Jag fick sparvhöken på besök idag och denna gång fick den mat.
    ha en fin lördags kväll :)
    kram :)

  7. The photos must be selected from those participating on MFS. I've found these three beautiful photos, the problem is that they are not standard dimensions.
    The video size is 640x 480px and will cut off a part of them. The picture with the droplet may be the best because it will be visible even when cut off.
    The pictures will be linked to the blogposts in the description.
    Unfortunately only three people offered photos till now and I won't use anyone's photos without express consent.
    I have to be ready with it in two weeks but these are not enough.
    Here are your photos, let me know what you think:

    Next weeks entries will count in too.

  8. Yes, it looks like a bromeliad. Such gorgeous color and border!

  9. A beautiful photo of your unknown flower, it looks exotic and romantic all at once.

  10. Verkligen vacker, men jag har ingen aning om vad det är. / Tyra

  11. Great picture of bromeliad flower.
    Just lovely,
    kram Gisela.

  12. Que flor linda! Pare emitir luz!


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